Mission and Guiding Principles

Our mission is to spark a global appreciation for understanding the role that Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech had in setting America on its path to liberty, and to ignite the public’s commitment to preserving the historic site where it happened.

We believe that St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia, is one of America's most important historic sites, where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other Colonial leaders met and -- swayed by Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death speech -- made a decision that changed the course of American history. Indeed, it was at St. John's that the American Revolution found its voice -- a voice that reverberates to this day.

We believe in these guiding principles:

  • We are the guardians and stewards of this hallowed and sacred place;

  • Our history is compelling and relevant. It informs our future;

  • Our story is powerful, inclusive, educational and important to share;

  • Our story shows that civil discourse and differing points of view can bring people together and create positive change;

  • And above all, our history shows with ultimate clarity that, in the course of human events, one voice can change the world.

We rely on support from our ~40,000 annual visitors, individual donations, and grants from individuals, foundations, and corporations to ensure the preservation of this National Historic Landmark.  

Our programs bring to life the events that led to the American Revolution and allow us to maintain and preserve St. John's Church for future generations. 

What We Are Not

St. John's Church is not a part of the National Park Service (NPS).  

St. John’s Church Foundation receives no federal, state, local, or church funding for our mission. 

St. John’s Church Foundation is not involved in and does not provide funding for the religious activities of the church.