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Welcome to Historic St. John's Church.

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A year prior to drafting the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Thomas Jefferson attended the Second Virginia Convention held inside St. John’s Church.  Alongside George Washington, Richard Henry Lee and other important figures in the American Revolution, Jefferson listened as Patrick Henry gave his now-famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech.

There is perhaps no better place to get a taste of the revolutionary spirit that forever altered the course of the nation.

This speech ignited the American Revolution, making St. John’s a must-see landmark for anyone interested in the universal struggle for human rights. Henry’s words not only articulated the concept of liberty as an essential right — a philosophy drawn from the writings of Enlightenment scholars — and an ideal to which we still aspire — but also inspired support during a critical turning point in uniting the colonies against an increasingly hostile British rule.

Since 1938, St. John's Church Foundation has been charged with the preservation of St. John's Church, now a National Historic Landmark.  Our Educational Programs, Special Events, Visitor Center and Gift Shop, and donations from visitors from all over the world support us in this goal. 

We welcome you to visit Historic St. John's and learn where 'liberty found its voice'.  

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