Our Adopt-A-Grave Program works to preserve as many of our remaining stones as possible. Since 2017, eleven markers have been adopted and preserved.

The stones in the gallery below are currently up for adoption.

If you don’t see one you like, we have many needy candidates! Feel free to explore our cemetery and find your favorite grave. If you’d like an estimate for repair or have any questions, please contact Amy at 804.643.0555 or use the contact form below.

How do I adopt?

Choose your stone and contact us using the info at the bottom of the page. Please indicate the ID Number indicated on the photo.

What do I get?

You will receive a Certificate of Adoption from our Executive Director; before and after photos of the project; and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped restore Richmond’s first cemetery. You will also be listed in our Annual Newsletter as an Adopt-A-Grave donor.

How are the stones preserved?

Preserving the stones does not necessarily mean that they will be legible if they are not already; but it is the only way to protect them from further deterioration. Our conservators use a variety of tools and products to do the work.

What are consolidants? Consolidants attempt to slow the rate of deterioration by binding together the loose particles of the stone.

What is Jahn Mortar? Jahn Restoration Mortars and Grouts match the relative hardness or softness of the individual substrates, so joints and repairs move with the masonry instead of fighting against it which causes more deterioration and damage. They are formulated to match the porosity of the substrate; this prevents water and salts from getting trapped in the masonry, causing further destruction from the inside out. Instead, they allow water and salt to easily move through the repair out to the surface where it evaporates or gets washed away.


Call Amy at 804.643.0555 or click the contact form below.

Thank you!