Works In Progress

These are our current preservation projects.  

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Sounding Board

St. John’s sounding board is one of the last original architectural features in the church, dating to 1741 when St. John’s was built.  It hangs above the elevated pulpit and was in place when Patrick Henry delivered his “Liberty or Death” speech inside the church in 1775.  The sounding board has undergone a paint analysis and we are working to restore it to its original appearance. 

Robert Rose Grave

The Rose monument (1751) is the earliest visible marker at historic St. John’s Church, Richmond’s first public burial ground from 1799 to 1822.  It was named one of Virginia's Top 10 Most Endangered Artifacts List in 2013.  We are currently working to finish this crucial repair.  

Pew Repair

We have hired Preservation Virginia to repair several of failed or failing pews inside the church.  

Foundation Structural Analysis, Part II

Structural Engineer John Matteo of 1200 Architectural Engineers PLLC continues the analysis of the church foundation.  In Part I, Matteo recommended the crucial repair of the north foundation; in Part II the team will analyze the rest of the church foundation and make additional recommendations.