Preserving Historic St. John's Church is the fundamental goal of SJCF.  With funds raised through our educational programs, daily tours, donations from grants, foundations and individuals like you, we have been able to undertake several life saving projects in the past 3 years.  In 2015 our massive summerlong roof replaceent was vital as the roof was leaking.  After that we took on the next most important goal, underpinning the northeast corner of the church which as sinking into the ground.  We hope you enjoy the photographs of our team in action.  For more information on any of the projects, please contact us here: 

Donations or bequests for specific projects are welcomed.  





underpin the northeast corner

Legacy of liberty phase Ii

legacy of liberty phase i

Preservation of Historic Building 2003-2012

    • Restored and converted an 1835 schoolhouse into a Visitor Center
    • Installed an ADA accessible elevator and pathways
    • Updated the security system in the historic church and Visitor Center
    • Monitored repair of the brick wall surrounding the site
    • Funded painting of the building and fence surrounding the property
    • Funded a Historic Structures Report
    • Installed a pathway to the Elizabeth Arnold Poe gravesite
    • Improved costume storage and outdoor lighting on the property
    • Removed asbestos from the basement crawlspace
    • Funded a dendrochronology study that dated the wooden building

    Preservation of Historic Building 1970-1985

    • Installation of sprinkler system and modernization of sprinkler heads
    • Installation of steel framing to stabilize and support building
    • Installation of concrete shingle roof
    • Repair of Keeper’s Lodge for use as Gift Shop
    • Installation of restrooms in Parish Hall
    • Installation of display panels containing historic pictures and artifacts in Parish Hall
    • Installation of brick walk from Broad Street entrance to Parish Hall
    • Heating and Air Conditioning system
    • Repairs, sprinkler system, and alarm system
    • Outdoor signage