Planning Your Visit

Thank you for booking a program at Historic St. John's Church.  We look forward to seeing you!  

St. John’s Church is located in the historic Church Hill neighborhood at 2401 E. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23223.

Please allow additional time to explore our Visitor Center Gift Shop.  

Patrick Henry Park, located across Broad Street from St. John’s Church, is a good location for a bag lunch.



upon arrival

Please proceed to the Visitor Center to check in and/or make payment before your scheduled program.

Bus drivers are requested to drop passengers at the 24th and Broad Street entrance.  An elevator on 24th Street provides ADA access to the site. 

Please do not allow buses to idle.  Our neighbors and environment appreciate it.  

Up to two tour guides and/or bus drivers per tour bus receive free admission. 


church rules

We do not allow backpacks, strollers, gum, food or drinks in the church.  Please dispose of these items or leave them in your vehicle before entering the church.

Please remove hats before entering the church.  When seated for your program, please refrain from placing your feet on the kneelers.  

No weapons of any kind are allowed inside the church.  


our Graveyard

Our gravestones are historic and fragile.  We do not allow visitors to touch, rub, sit or stand on the gravestones.  

Please keep children on the pathways and do not allow running in the graveyard. 

Violators will be asked to leave the premises. 


FOOD & Drink

We have snacks and drinks for sale in the Visitors Center.  There are also many local eateries in the area you may wish to visit.  

Patrick Henry Pub (good pub fare, burgers, salads, fish n chips, beer, patio)

The Hill Cafe (excellent cafe lunch, fish, meat, salads)

Proper Pie (handheld savory pies for lunch or dinner, sweet desserts, take away or eat in)

Union Market (sandwiches, soups, salads made with fresh local ingredients, market)

Alamo Barbeque (excellent bbq with outdoor picnic tables)