Lonely Planet Highlights Patrick Henry at St. John's

Lonely Planet Names Richmond "Best in the U.S" and highlights St. John's! 

Specifically, Lonely Planet highlights bustling Scott’s Addition in its glossy Spring 2018 guide — Pages 48 and 49, to be exact — but an online write-up also points to other attractions, such as the Capital Trail, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Patrick Henry’s re-enactment speeches at St. John’s Church in Church Hill, Quirk Hotel, the American Civil War Museum and more.

It was [here] that firebrand Patrick Henry uttered his famous battle cry – 'Give me Liberty, or give me Death!' – during the rebellious 1775 Second Virginia Convention. The short but informative tour traces the history of the church and of the famous speech. Above the pulpit, the rare 1741 sounding board and its sunburst are worth a closer look. Henry's speech is re-enacted at 1pm on Sundays in summer.