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OCT 5: Remember the Ladies: Women of Revolutionary Courage

  • HIstoric St. John's Church, 1741 2401 E. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23223 United States (map)

Women of Revolutionary Courage

with Storyteller Denise Bennett

TICKETS can be purchased online or at the Gift Shop on the day of the show.

Doors 1:45 PM / Storytelling 2:00 PM

Women played many roles in the American Revolution. Women of means provisioned the armies of both sides, while many poorer women followed the troops: cooking, doing laundry, or nursing the wounded and injured. Some women, however, went beyond societal restrictions.


In this program, storyteller and musician Denise Bennett tells some of their stories. Come learn about Richmond's Anna Maria Lane, who followed her husband into war and fought beside him disguised as a man; Lydia Darraugh, written off by the British as a poor little old lady but who was actually a spy; and Kate, an enslaved woman who saved a Continental officer by smuggling him out of prison in a laundry basket.

Tunes from the period accompany the stories.